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Nov. 17th, 2009

-_- Squeeeeeenix.....

Warning : Ever so slightly racist. If you squint and look sideways. Maybe. Okay, maybe more than a bit.


My list of woes:

- They suspended my account for a chargeback due to a botched credit card back in April 09. Or so it appears. Either that or ninth of April which makes even less sense. Seeing as they've banned me twice for the same thing already. Oy.

- They cancelled my content IDs this time too.

- They cancelled said content IDs BEFORE suspending my account.

- And then they sent me an email about the account suspension. Whoopee.

- Cell phone calls internationally? They suck.

- Why is it that Indians seem to be the personnel of choice for customer support lines?

- Indians with thick accents + scritchy phone quality = language barriers liek woah

- I'm half deaf. It's all the muzak I have to listen to

- At least it wasn't the Vana'diel Opening March this time

- 20 questions later, my account is apparently reactivated. Yay!

- Wait, no. Apparently I have to pay for it. A fee. For 25$GBP. Outstanding since..... April 09. Or Ninth April. Whichever makes more sense. Even though I have a feeling I've already paid this fee the first time...

- No idea what's going on here but okay.

- WTF. They cancelled my Content IDs too?

- And it's 13$GBP. (Ditto feeling I've actually paid it before.)

- ... my parents are going to kill me. But okay.

- Version update?

- My connection could stand to hold up for longer than 2 seconds a time.

- Three messages in a row from one of the only people I regularly hang out with on Asura server, and apparently he's quitting. (For reference, I've been suspended/having exams since the end of Oct, until yesterday.)

Well, shit.

tl;dr : Getting banned sucks, friends quitting sucks and updating POL sucks.

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Nov. 2nd, 2009

NaNoWriMo somewhat related (1)

Need to get this done SOMEHOW. Might as well do it in my lunch breaks. Huge loss of appetite recently. Bah health issues.

Read more...Collapse )--

Typing at lightspeed during lunch break~su.

Aug. 8th, 2009

trifecta (Naruto)(T)(OC warning)


because dreams always have happy endings.Collapse )
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Aug. 7th, 2009

(no subject)

It's a trap.

They know this because instinct raises the hairs on their neck, on their arms; instinct makes the silence hum and training keeps their hands close to their weapons (but not overtly guarding, never overtly guarding, tantamount to aggression it is, and they cannot afford aggression).

It's a trap, and they're walking right into it because at the other end of the hallway is a chance to get help, and they need help.

They need help.

She has point, and hates it; they have her back and hate that too. Even if she is related to the people they are approaching for help.

Especially because she is related to the people they are approaching for help.

It's a trap. They walk on, regardless.

Excerpt from the Chronicles of Rune-Midgard : The Grand Master Wars
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Aug. 2nd, 2009


Menses starting in the MIDDLE of a good exp party. Miles away from any stopping point.

Awkward awkward situation much? <_<"

Jul. 29th, 2009

I need to get the hang of this html coding thing

I suck at posting image replies to LJ threads. WHY DO YOU NOT GET THE FORMATTING TOOLBAR. ;~;

Lost Aki is lost ;_;

Jul. 23rd, 2009

(no subject)

It's not concern that makes her run after him that night.

It's not compassion that puts her between him and his prey.

It's not anger that makes her eyes blaze red in the hungry fires he's set, nor is it pity that compels her to insist on guarding him when there is no one left to.

It's not mercy that moves her to teach him how to survive, how to defend himself against him.

A softer person might have called it love.

She calls it necessity, and knows it is a double-edged blade.
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Jul. 6th, 2009

(no subject)

A series of no good, very bad days have ensued since my last post.

Very, very bad days. You know, those ones where absolutely everything goes wrong, people seem to bring the horridest mistakes to you (and yes, I just made a word up), and the toast always lands butter side down on a freshly cleaned carpet floor.

Well, anyway, here's to breaking radio silence out of a moment of sheer outrage on behalf of the medical profession.

I find it absolutely disgusting that patient confidentiality is being discarded in the name of publicity and a couple thousand bucks. Absolutely, absolutely disgusting. I don't particularly care that he may have been a bit of a fruitcake for the last two dozen years; I don't really care that he may have lived a rather questionable lifestyle - or at least I don't think it matters much in this context. That's another gripe for another day.

But you do not, do NOT, break patient confidentiality without a damn good reason- ever- just for the sake of spiting a dead man and cashing in on his notoriety. Not only is it disrespect to the dead, which really depends on your point of view (some people respect the dead to a fault, and others don't really care at all, and most people probably think there wasn't much worth respecting in the first place) it's also a glaring carillion signal to everyone and anyone that the medical profession is indeed capable of such crass dereliction of duty. That once you're dead, if you're famous enough, notorious enough, medical professionals have absolutely no qualms spilling their guts to the media with sly nods and winks and "we're not talking about xxxxxxxx, are we?".

I wouldn't hire on the staff who blabbed all about their deceased employer; I wouldn't hire on the nurse who did the same. I'd turn away the doctor who did absolutely the same thing, and the coroner, and everyone else who thought that betraying a confidence was worth the bait they were given.

On behalf of the entire international medical profession, I'm ashamed of what's been done. And I don't particularly care if I'm the only one who thinks so. It has to be said, anyway.

Jun. 20th, 2009


Nearly missed my interstate flight back to Melbourne. Apparently the local airport runs about 15 minutes faster than the rest of the district, iunno. I've checked my clock up against internet-synch'ed clocks and everyone else's clocks and my time seems right, except it wasn't, so meh. At least they still let me board the flight.

Passport application got rejected, AGAIN. They keep finding new things wrong with it and this time it's about my Chinese name being my first name (it isn't, but it's chronologically first if you read my birth cert. Stupid English-run processes) so I need to have an official name change with the Registry of Births and Deaths - yes, you read right, an OFFICIAL NAME CHANGE to change my name when it hasn't changed. At all. If the next problem involves the fact that my application was filled out last December I'm going to crack the shits at them (aka get nuclear on their public asses).

I'm tired. I ache all over. And I have to complete a supply mission on FFXI before JP midnight Sunday.


Jun. 19th, 2009

(no subject)

I'm tired. Unimaginably tired.

So tired I want to just lie down and not ever get up again.

And yet I'm chugging about three cans of V a day (which probably does no good for my issue) and waking up at 6-7am after 12-1am nights (which probably doesn't do much good either). I drink three cups of coffee at work on top of those 3 V cans.

I've picked up, on top of my 9 to 5 full time (and occasional weekend rotations) job, one (unpaid) part time job which will run on Friday and weekend nights. I attend aRO WoE for two hours each Sunday (when I don't have a weekend job on) and try to play FFXI in the time that's left over between sleeping, cleaning, cooking, and maintaining a token presence on the discussion board for my postgraduate course.

I go to the shopping malls whenever I can- not to shop, not always- but just for the sake of driving a longer distance than down-the-road-to-work, for the sake of treating myself to a hot chocolate or a cookies-and-cream slushie, for the sake of just wandering around for half an hour each Friday night, half an hour of not having to do things for people, hear about their woes and have to be understanding because I can't help myself to be.

(It's not that I'm not happy to help, because I usually am happy to help. I don't like having friends upset or angry or whatever. But I just can't do it all the time and still be alright with the world, because I don't really have that level of saintliness left in me, or never really did in the first place.)

I'm tired.

Of this, of my job, of not being qualified after four long years fighting to get decent grades in a course that seems out to fail people. Of internet that seems to cut out every fricking two minutes despite the 49 dollars I pay for it every month (but it's Virgin Mobile, so I really ought to have expected that). Of discussion board moderators who post the answers to the discussion question and have the absolute GALL to follow that up with a post asking people who haven't posted yet to post their answers by the next day (um.... there's nothing I can say that you haven't already said). Of hospitals who failed to expand their staff parking lot to deal with increased staff capacity. Of patients who completely fail to take care of themselves and then complain that the hospital isn't caring for their every maidenly need. Of art that just seems to get harder and harder every time I open up the Paint program.

Of life. Of things.


Signing off,

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