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Nearly missed my interstate flight back to Melbourne. Apparently the local airport runs about 15 minutes faster than the rest of the district, iunno. I've checked my clock up against internet-synch'ed clocks and everyone else's clocks and my time seems right, except it wasn't, so meh. At least they still let me board the flight.

Passport application got rejected, AGAIN. They keep finding new things wrong with it and this time it's about my Chinese name being my first name (it isn't, but it's chronologically first if you read my birth cert. Stupid English-run processes) so I need to have an official name change with the Registry of Births and Deaths - yes, you read right, an OFFICIAL NAME CHANGE to change my name when it hasn't changed. At all. If the next problem involves the fact that my application was filled out last December I'm going to crack the shits at them (aka get nuclear on their public asses).

I'm tired. I ache all over. And I have to complete a supply mission on FFXI before JP midnight Sunday.