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A series of no good, very bad days have ensued since my last post.

Very, very bad days. You know, those ones where absolutely everything goes wrong, people seem to bring the horridest mistakes to you (and yes, I just made a word up), and the toast always lands butter side down on a freshly cleaned carpet floor.

Well, anyway, here's to breaking radio silence out of a moment of sheer outrage on behalf of the medical profession.

I find it absolutely disgusting that patient confidentiality is being discarded in the name of publicity and a couple thousand bucks. Absolutely, absolutely disgusting. I don't particularly care that he may have been a bit of a fruitcake for the last two dozen years; I don't really care that he may have lived a rather questionable lifestyle - or at least I don't think it matters much in this context. That's another gripe for another day.

But you do not, do NOT, break patient confidentiality without a damn good reason- ever- just for the sake of spiting a dead man and cashing in on his notoriety. Not only is it disrespect to the dead, which really depends on your point of view (some people respect the dead to a fault, and others don't really care at all, and most people probably think there wasn't much worth respecting in the first place) it's also a glaring carillion signal to everyone and anyone that the medical profession is indeed capable of such crass dereliction of duty. That once you're dead, if you're famous enough, notorious enough, medical professionals have absolutely no qualms spilling their guts to the media with sly nods and winks and "we're not talking about xxxxxxxx, are we?".

I wouldn't hire on the staff who blabbed all about their deceased employer; I wouldn't hire on the nurse who did the same. I'd turn away the doctor who did absolutely the same thing, and the coroner, and everyone else who thought that betraying a confidence was worth the bait they were given.

On behalf of the entire international medical profession, I'm ashamed of what's been done. And I don't particularly care if I'm the only one who thinks so. It has to be said, anyway.


are you referring to the MJ incident?

anyway, hope your days will be better soon. brighter days will not be the same without experiencing the darkest nights... i am not the most optimistic person to tell you this, but no matter what we are experiencing, at the end of it all, there is something to be learnt and that is what matters most to move on, to grow in life.

i am still looking for my roots and where i stand in life. there are so many uncertainties, but i think i would be able to survive... hope you would be able to as well...
Yeah, it's about the MJ media frenzy.

Take care, it'll turn out alright.