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Zack- Zomg!

-_- Squeeeeeenix.....

Warning : Ever so slightly racist. If you squint and look sideways. Maybe. Okay, maybe more than a bit.


My list of woes:

- They suspended my account for a chargeback due to a botched credit card back in April 09. Or so it appears. Either that or ninth of April which makes even less sense. Seeing as they've banned me twice for the same thing already. Oy.

- They cancelled my content IDs this time too.

- They cancelled said content IDs BEFORE suspending my account.

- And then they sent me an email about the account suspension. Whoopee.

- Cell phone calls internationally? They suck.

- Why is it that Indians seem to be the personnel of choice for customer support lines?

- Indians with thick accents + scritchy phone quality = language barriers liek woah

- I'm half deaf. It's all the muzak I have to listen to

- At least it wasn't the Vana'diel Opening March this time

- 20 questions later, my account is apparently reactivated. Yay!

- Wait, no. Apparently I have to pay for it. A fee. For 25$GBP. Outstanding since..... April 09. Or Ninth April. Whichever makes more sense. Even though I have a feeling I've already paid this fee the first time...

- No idea what's going on here but okay.

- WTF. They cancelled my Content IDs too?

- And it's 13$GBP. (Ditto feeling I've actually paid it before.)

- ... my parents are going to kill me. But okay.

- Version update?

- My connection could stand to hold up for longer than 2 seconds a time.

- Three messages in a row from one of the only people I regularly hang out with on Asura server, and apparently he's quitting. (For reference, I've been suspended/having exams since the end of Oct, until yesterday.)

Well, shit.

tl;dr : Getting banned sucks, friends quitting sucks and updating POL sucks.

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